Quality control


Quality control of raw materials:

A. IQC strictly inspects the appearance and technical parameters of incoming materials by sampling according to AQL sampling plan to ensure compliance with "Incoming Materials Inspection"The materials required by the Code are put into production.

B. Waterproof test is done for each batch of shells to ensure that the shell waterproofing effect meets the requirements.

  • Electronic test equipment

  • experiment apparatus

  • Fixture

  • Calibration Certificate of Measuring Instruments


Quality control of raw materials:

  • a. The first article inspection, patrol inspection and final inspection are carried out in each process of the production process to ensure the product quality. All staff should do a good job in self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.

  • b. 100% test on the current of each state and mode in the operation of the product to ensure that the power consumption is stable and meets the requirements.

  • c. Conduct 100% aging test and screening on the assembled products to ensure that the function and quality of each finished product meet the requirements.


Quality control of finished product shipment

QA conducts sampling inspection of each batch of finished products according to the AQL sampling plan.

Check the packaging method and data items of the product to ensure that it meets the packaging requirements for shipping.

Check the appearance and function of the product, and actually operate all functions to ensure smooth and effective, and take pictures and videos to check the effectf it is, check the correctness of the software version.

c. 10 samples of each batch of finished products are tested for high and low temperature to confirm that the product can be normal and effective in the harsh environment set by simulation Work use.

40 samples of each batch of finished products are tested for waterproofing to ensure that the waterproof performance of the product meets the requirements.

  • 04

    Sample production

    During the production of the sample, the production process flow and quality will be comprehensively verified and reviewed, and the production of the sampleReview and summarize the quality problems, and correct and improve in time, so that mass production is approved when there are no problems.

  • 05

    certified product

    Each product must be submitted to the relevant national qualification testing agency for testing and certification after the trial production confirmation is completed.Related certifications include: IP waterproof test, color temperature detection CE, FCC, ROHS, 3C certification, high and low temperature test, etc.

  • 06

    Simulate field applications

    Each batch of products will be taken outdoors with 5-10pcs, such as: Dongguan Yinpingshan Forest Park, Shenzhen Guanlan People's Park Conduct field tests.


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