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According to the relevant regulations of the national holiday, the company has decided to arrange the Spring Festival holiday in 2019 as follows:
I. the holiday time: January 26, 2019 solstice February 15, 2019 holiday, a total of 21 days.

Ii. Work time: officially start work on February 16, 2019 (the 12th day of the first month).
Iii. During the festival, all departments should arrange the following work:

1. Before the holiday, each department should arrange their own sanitation and cleanness to ensure that the window, water and electricity are closing.
2, during the holiday, please pay attention to personal safety, and return on time, in case of non-human reasons can not return, should promptly inform the person in charge of each department.

3. The employees who decide not to go home and stay in the factory dormitory (including the employees who live in the dormitory) shall register with the head of each department of the company and report the list to the administrative department of the company for record.

4. Valuables shall not be put in the dormitory, and the company shall not be responsible for any loss.

wish all:

Happy New Year, good health!


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