1. Service Items

We have many years of OEM experience, customers can choose their favorite product style online or come to the company The LOGO logo or packaging requirements can be changed. After the drawings are confirmed, the order will be produced.

2. Service Guarantee

1. Product raw materials, auxiliary materials and components are provided by well-known suppliers. 2. Perfect production line. 3. Strong independent research and development capabilities. 4. Reliable quality: With a perfect testing line to ensure that every product passes through layers of checks 5. The quality service system that is different from the traditional foundry relationship is different from the traditional foundry manufacturing enterprises. Keeptime has rich brand operation experience. Its advantages are not only in technology and products, but also reflected in market experience, professional service team, etc. , Which also provides protection for our full service customers

3. Quality management

1. We strictly control the quality of incoming materials. After the warehouse is accepted, it is sent to the IQC department for inspection. After the IQC inspection is OK, the label is stamped and signed to the warehouse for storage. 2. After poor material inspection, the relevant departments will meet to discuss the processing results, for the purpose of stable quality of large-scale production, and strictly abide by the production process and quality control process. 3. For new products, do pre-production evaluation. The new product will be evaluated for effectiveness and the verification and improvement of the product's manufacturability design, and then a small batch of trial production and trial meetings will be conducted before production begins. Before the product is put into the production line for production, the first piece of product is inspected. The first piece is made by the engineering department and the manufacturing department. The first piece is inspected by QA. The quality and engineering technicians finally confirm. 4. After the first piece is confirmed, the operation instructions are finally confirmed. We will also strictly control the process on the production line. QC prepares relevant materials including inspection documents, BOM operation instructions and various reports according to the production product codes of each line. QC will inspect each station on the production line. Every finished product we ship is 100% fully inspected online by QC.

4. Shipment

According to the customer's shipping requirements, the sales department staff sends out the goods notice in advance to the manufacturing department, quality control department, and warehouse department to prepare the goods. There will be shipping details and shipping methods on the shipping notice, and the warehouse will arrange shipping according to the requirements


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